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Wilberforce's life was filled with one moral and religious project after another. It was a life of unrelenting activity that included tireless organizing, research, persuasion, confrontation, persistence and pressure upon the British system. In addition to his abolition work, he was consistently involved in church work that included the Church Missionary Society and the sending of missionaries to India and Africa, the British and Foreign Bible Society, the Proclamation Society Against Vice and Immorality, the School Society, the Sunday School Society, the Bettering Society, the Vice Society and others.
"The greatest lie of the last 100 years is the redefining of what separation of church and state means," said an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom organization. I agree with that statement. It is amazing how many think that separation of church and state means keeping God out of government and the public discourse. That is simply false.
Kirk Cameron's "Monumental" movie is a riveting look at our country's foundations. By interviewing respected scholars in history and political science, Cameron tells a compelling true story about America's first settlers, the Pilgrims. This short excerpt from the movie shows the meaning behind the National Monument to the Forefathers which commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims, located in Provincetown, MA.
Working in the marketplace requires a unique combination of faith, excellence and compassion. Many times as a believer of Jesus Christ we sometimes confuse witnessing the gospel in "one" boxed package. When we are among our congregations we all can generally speak the same languages of faith and understand the motives of hearts.When we are among people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds "our" beliefs are put to the test of "being in the world and not of the world".

The year is 2076. It is the 300th anniversary of the birth of America. The nation is preparing for a celebration on July 4th. John Birkshire is a thirty-year old reporter for the New York Times and he is preparing to write a story on the founding fathers of the nation.

Shebna was corrupt, arrogant, full of pride and selfish ambition, and a man of intrigue who was apparently intoxicated by his position and influence. He did not fear God, nor respect people he was to lead. Shebna led a group called the Egyptian Party, which believed that Judah needed political alliances with Egypt to offset potential threats from Assyria.

He didn't begin this job until he was sixty-nine years old. He had already had a successful Hollywood movie career and decided to try his hand at politics. He would be known by one job more than any other. He would also be known as one of the United State's greatest statesmen. He had a faith that was genuine but not intruding or very public, but you knew where he stood. He always treated people, even his detractors with grace. He was known for his extraordinary love he had for his wife.

The Mountain of Government, or politics, is a mountain that the Lord is beginning to position His children to invade and take. As with media, we've virtually given this mountain over to the devil. Entire denominations have been known to prohibit their people from being involved with politics because of the corruption that always seems to infect it. The reason politics are considered �of the devil, of course, is because we have abandoned this mountain to him.
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