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There is not a week that goes by that I do not hear a Christian conclude that the national media has a liberal bias, either in conversation, on talk radio or in sermons in church. The Christian church has been quite prolific in its view of the media. The purpose of this article is to evaluate this statement and determine if it is true and if so, what can believers do about it.
In the late 1960s, when Turner Communications was a business of billboards and radio stations and I was spending much of my energy ocean racing, a UHF-TV station came up for sale in Atlanta. It was losing $50,000 a month and its programs were viewed by fewer than 5 percent of the market.

The prayer strategy for the mountain of media should include several objectives. One is having a prayer covering and blessing over anyone currently on the Mountain of Media who is neutralizing the dark side. FOX News is well below the standard the Lord will raise, but by forcing a level of accountability on other news outlets, it's neutralizing an even greater darkness released from them. People like Sean Hannity should be prayed for and blessed for whatever level of light they are releasing from their position.
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