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America is losing faith and becoming a secular nation - but there is a cure.
For centuries Christians thought that culture would change if we just had a majority of Christians in the culture. That has proven to be a false assumption.
Carrie Underwood, the country superstar and Grammy winner first discovered on American Idol is not shy about her Christian faith.
Wilberforce's life was filled with one moral and religious project after another. It was a life of unrelenting activity that included tireless organizing, research, persuasion, confrontation, persistence and pressure upon the British system. In addition to his abolition work, he was consistently involved in church work that included the Church Missionary Society and the sending of missionaries to India and Africa, the British and Foreign Bible Society, the Proclamation Society Against Vice and Immorality, the School Society, the Sunday School Society, the Bettering Society, the Vice Society and others.
"The greatest lie of the last 100 years is the redefining of what separation of church and state means," said an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom organization. I agree with that statement. It is amazing how many think that separation of church and state means keeping God out of government and the public discourse. That is simply false.
The Bible encourages us to understand the times we live in. In the Old Testament the tribe of Issachar understood the signs of the times. "…the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…" (1 Chronicles 12:32).
The Home & Garden Television (aka HGTV) network announced Wednesday it has decided to pull the plug on an upcoming real estate reality show amid a firestorm of controversy from gay rights activists who accused the evangelical Christian hosts of being anti-gay and pro-life.
Is A & E really redefining cultural issues through the recent Duck Dynasty controversy?
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