Business Organizations

Below are a list of organizations involved in reclaiming the Business Mountain. To submit an organization to this list, send an email with details to  A more complete list of workplace ministries and businesses can be accessed at Click on Directory.

Following are a selection of some of the key workplace ministries.  

Workplace Ministries and their Websites

  • Avodah Institute
    The primary purpose of The Avodah Institute is to help meet the spiritual needs of people in the marketplace. They accomplish their goal by providing information, ideas, events, and a repository of knowledge and understanding on the issues surrounding the integration of faith and work.
  • Canadian Tentmakers Network
    Canadian Tentmaker Network (CTN) is a Canada-wide association of individuals and groups committed to tentmaking as a strategy for representing Christ Jesus globally.
  • Christians in Commerce
    Christians in Commerce is an ecumenical Christian organization whose purpose is to bring the presence of Jesus Christ into the marketplace so that it more closely reflects God's will and purpose. We encourage Christian men and women to be Christ in their conduct and example, and to bring truth, integrity and compassion to their workplaces.
  • Christian Strategic Services
    Strategic Christian Services is in the business of changing lives. We find men and women whose hearts compel them to bring God's transformation to our fallen world. We then educate, train, and work with them to make that transformation happen. We are a "prophetic" ministry, operating internationally.
  • Christian Working Woman
    The purpose of The Christian Working Woman is to equip and encourage Christians in the workplace to love Christ more and to demonstrate this love by applying biblical principles to their lives and utilizing their gifts and abilities to build His kingdom.
  • Corporate Chaplains of America 
    Provides 24/7 chaplain availability to management and employees alike. Overview, mission, beliefs, vision and how to join the team.
  • Executive Ministries
    Executive Ministries exists to equip Christian executives to use the blessing of their business success and community prominence to point their peers to Christ and to disciple them to do the same. The key components of this win-build-send strategy are distinctive evangelistic outreaches and dynamic discipleship Bible studies. Executive Ministries reaches out to business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate officers, senior partners in professional firms, as well as retired executives.
  • Faith At Work
    Faith at Work (New Zealand) provides training and resources related to career and life planning, the theology of work and vocation, everyday spirituality, ethics for business and the marketplace, and the ministry and mission of the laity in daily life from a Christian perspective.
  • Faith and Work is an online ecommerce website store featuring books, audio and other resources exclusively serving the faith and work movement.
  • Faith at Work Magazine
    Faith at Work is a national network of progressive Christians at the growing edge of the church: grounded in biblical faith; related to God, self, others and the earth; sustained through intentional community; committed to faith at work in the world.
  • FaithWorks Magazine
    FaithWorks is a bimonthly print and electronic magazine for contemporary Christians. Their mission is to engage Christians in dialogue with their world and empower them to integrate faith and life.
  • Forum for Faith in the Workplace
    The Forum for Faith in the Workplace is an ecumenical Christian association whose mission is to assist individuals in fully applying their personal faith to their work experience, and other aspects of daily living.
  • Hollywood Prayer Network
    The Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Walk of FameTM are trademarks and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved.
  • International Christian Chamber of Commerce USA The mission of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is to serve as a vehicle in extending the operation and principles of wisdom, love and the rule of God Almighty into the marketplaces of the world.
  • International Christian Chamber of Commerce (International)The mission of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is to serve as a vehicle in extending the operation and principles of wisdom, love and the rule of God Almighty into the marketplaces of the world.
  • International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM)
    ICWM is a fellowship of workplace believers who want to encourage GOD’S servants called to mobilize for work life transformation through Jesus Christ.  ICWM exists to help you transform your workplace for Jesus Christ and to provide resources, information and networking to other organizations that will help you fulfill your calling in the workplace. The ICWM website  is a clearinghouse for information, resources and organizations in the faith and work movement.
  • "Lance Learning - Lance Wallnau
    Are you living the life you want? Do you know what it's like to begin your day with passion and end it with a deep feeling of fullfilment?
  • LifeChasers
    The mission of LifeChasers is to encourage, inspire and model: (1) How to live out a winsome, genuine faith in a rough-and-tumble world. (2)How to be an effective and strategic influence in culture, believing people are invited by God to be both salt and light.
  • Marketplace Christian Network
    The purpose of Marketplace Christian Network is a group of Christian world-wide, joined together in one single vision, to actively proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ where we work with words and our lifestyle and be a beacon of light in this decadent age.
  • Marketplace Leaders
    Marketplace Leader's purpose is to raise up and train men and women to fulfill their calling in and through the workplace and to view their work as their ministry. Their primary means of accomplishing this is through four key focuses: building unity, training new leaders, publishing and consulting.
  • Marketplace Chaplains
    Marketplace Ministries is a faith-based employee assistance program and provides a chaplain service to secular businesses.
  • Marketplace Network
    Marketplace Network is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to motivate and equip Christians to apply faith to work. They facilitate their mission by providing products and services including: forums, small group curriculum, workshops, classes, resources, study materials and on-line discussion.
  • Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA)
    Mennonite Economic Development Associates is an association of persons who are committed to the nurture and expression of their Christian faith in a business or work setting.
  • Mockler Center
    The Colman M. Mockler Center equips the church and its members to bring the work of Christ into the activities of daily life, especially life in the workplace. The Center engages in education, direct ministry, and research to bring the resources of Biblical interpretation, Christian theology and ethics, and practical ministry into the working world. Its mission is carried out in three areas: in the Gordon-Conwell community, in partnership with churches, and directly in the workplace.
  • Pinnacle Forum
    For over a decade, Pinnacle Forum has observed God working in the hearts and minds of leaders who desire to use their God-given influence in order to ...
  • Needle's Eye Ministries, Inc.
    NEM an interdenominational ministry, seeks to present Jesus Christ to persons in the workplace, to encourage the development of their Christian lifestyle and leadership, and to support the local church in marketplace issues.
  • Priority Associates
    Priority Associates is a resource to business and professional men and women, helping them to develop spiritually, personally, and professionally.
  • Scruples
    The Scruples web site is a resource for marketplace Christians. Contents includes: a calendar, directory, forums, library, links publications and seminars.   
  • Reclaim7Mountains of Culture
    Welcome to the website of, a division of goal is to help men and women fulfill God's call on their lives by understanding the role faith playsin their workplace calling and to catalyze leaders to reclaim the culture for Jesus Christ.
  • Rios Brook Foundation
    Linda Rios Brook, President of the RiosBrook Foundation, believes the answers to issues of social justice and righteousness lie in the proper alignment between the church, the marketplace and media and entertainment.
  • The Crossroads Center for Faith and Work
    The Crossroads Center for Faith and Work serves women and men of all faiths, by surfacing the connections and blurring the lines between faith, spirituality, and deepest values and day-to-day work as professionals, volunteers, homemakers and family members.
  • The Faith & Work Project
    This site researches and promotes the application of Christian faith and values to business and organizational life.  (not updated regularly)
  • The High Calling of Our Daily Work aims to connect people in the ordinary circumstances of life with the faith that undergirds and sustains all that we do. Howard E. Butt, Jr., has dedicated his life to both a family business and a ministry for Christian lay renewal. His vision for the vital role of the laity in the church and daily life has led him to write several books and produce one-minute radio spots entitled The High Calling of Our Daily Work. This site is an effort to provide you with a tool to delve deeper into the concepts introduced in those spots.
  • Value of the Person
    Through consulting, seminars, books and other products, Value of the Person, promotes Theory “R” Management. More than just a program, Value of the Person connects the head and heart, the workplace and the home.   


  • Affiliation of Christian Engineers (ACE)
    ACE is a newly-formed "virtual" organization of and for Christian engineers, around the world. In keeping with their technical professional focus, ACE is committed to using the best of today's technology to bring value to its members. Stated simply, they believe that ACE should add value - to its members, to the engineering profession, to society at large, and to the Body of Christ. The purpose of ACE is to provide its members numerous ways to network and obtain information relevant to the profession of engineering and their common faith. Thereby, ACE will encourage its members to be "salt, light, and leaven" in their places of employment and in the engineering profession as a whole.
  • Business & Professional Ministry
    Sponsored by the Navigators, this site exists to help business and professionals integrate and extend their faith.    *****
  • Business & Professional Network
    The mission of the BPN is to facilitate business investment by Christians of the 1st World with believers in poor and developing countries that will enhance the welfare of those nations and contribute to the work of the Gospel.
  • Business by the Book
    Christian Financial Concepts puts on Business by the Book seminars.
  • Christian Leadership Ministries
    The mission of Christian Leadership Ministries is to reach and equip professors to change the world for Christ.
  • Christian Medical & Dental Society
    The Christian Medical & Dental Associations mission is to motivate, educate, and equip Christian physicians and dentists to glorify God.
  • Corporate Chaplains of America
    Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA) provides genuine "Caring in the Workplace" through its workforce of "Certified Workplace Chaplains". The mission of CCA is to build relationships with employees through chaplains with the hope of gaining permission to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner.
  • Fellowship of Companies for Christ International
    FCCI, the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, is an organization - a fellowship – that exists to minister not just "to" you, but "through" you to the companies you represent.
  • Following Christ Conference
    Following Christ is a conference for graduate students, faculty and professionals. Fifteen focused tracks will cover the full range of professional and intellectual disciplines, from the humanities and sciences to business and technology. Following Christ promises both to encourage and to challenge Christians pursuing study, work, and worship for God’s world. This conference is co-sponsored by InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries and InterVarsity Press.
  • InterVarsity MBA Ministry
    This ministry ministers to MBA students attending business schools throughout the United States.
  • Media Fellowship International
    The mission of Media FellowshipInternational (MFI) is reaching media and entertainment professionals worldwide for Christ. The vision of MFI is to minister among media and entertainment professionals in key arts and media cities worldwide who are seeking safe spiritual haven; transforming them into Christian leaders who serve, challenge, and influence.
  • Nurses Christian Fellowship
    In response to God's love, grace and truth: The Purpose of Nurses Christian Fellowship, as a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is to establish and advance in nursing, within education and practice, witnessing communities of nursing students and nurses who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love -- for God, God's Word,God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.
  • Pinnacle Forum
    For over a decade, Pinnacle Forum has observed God working in the hearts and minds of leaders who desire to use their God-given influence in order to ...
  • The Godly Business Woman
    The goal of this site is to educate, inspire and encourage women to be all they can be through Jesus Christ. They want to be a resource on which women can depend and shed light on God's view of the responsibilities women have been given.
  • With You Always - Drawings
    These drawings depict ordinary people in their everyday environment, with the addition of showing the presence of Jesus Christ and His involvement in those routine activities. The objective of this "With you always" series is to help Christians everywhere visualize the reality of Jesus' presence in their lives at all times, particularly during those everyday tasks where we spend most of our time.
  • Young Business Leaders
    Professional outreach from Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL.


  • Intercristo
    Intercristo is a Christian job-referral service. They match Christians with jobs in Christian non-profit organizations, based upon their expertise, education, geographic preference, and compensation concerns.


  • Centered Life
    The mission of this Lutheran organization is to awaken and align personal and organizational callings to live faithfully in God’s world and to equip Christians to live out their faith within God’s world.
  • His Church at Work
    The mission of His Church at Work is to encourage the Church to join God where He is moving in the workplace, assisting pastors and the local church in helping men and woman understand, experience, and fulfill their God-given calling of work as ministry.


  • De Pree Leadership Center
    The De Pree Leadership Center cultivates the character of leaders and encourages the integration of faith and public life. They facilitate conversations, mentoring relationships, and alliances across occupational lines in order to forge more collaborative forms of leadership. The Center's primary concerns are with personal and institutional transformation grounded in spiritual as well as moral commitments.
  • Lead Like Jesus
    Today's leadership crisis transcends cultures, religions, and vocations. Jesus' servant-leader style provides a perfect role model for all leaders. Lead Like Jesus exists to help leaders of all shapes, ages, and aspirations explore and express the leadership principles that Jesus lived. Ken Blanchard is founder and president

  • The Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership
    The goal of The Greenleaf Center is to help people understand the principles and practices of servant-leadership; to nurture colleagues and institutions by providing a focal point and opportunities to share thoughts and ideas on servant-leadership; to produce and publish new resources by others on servant-leadership; and to connect servant-leaders in a network of learning.


  • Koinonia Partners
    Koinonia Partners, Inc. is a Christian organization seeking to be a "demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God". They are committed to non-violence and peaceful solutions to society's problems, reconciliation among all people, Christian discipleship, and the empowerment of the poor, the neglected and the oppressed.
  • The Alban Institute
    The mission of the Alban Institute is to gather, generate, and provide practical knowledge across denominational lines thorough action research, books and periodicals, consulting and training services, and education seminars for those involved with congregations.


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